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    I decided to finally buy a digital SLR. Good luck The problem is it’s difficult to decide which camera to choose. There is a huge selection and lots of good cameras out there. First you should decide what type of camera you prefer. Today, there are two leading companies in the field of photography Canon and Nikon. Which is better? This question cannot be answered. Canon users like the Canon and Nikon users prefer the Nikon.

    There are photographers who love both. Anyway the competition between these two firms is very close and both are good cameras and parallel in terms of technology and performance. I chose to review some of the leading cameras of Canon I guess I am a Canon users. By comparing the four leading Canon camera s features, I ll try to find out which one is best. CANON rebel T2i 550 d CANON rebel T3i 600 d CANON EOS 60 d CANON EOS 7 d There is really no such thing as camera best, instead there is the most proper camera for a particular photographer. Source: Howard Schultz. One thing can be very important in my view one and less important to another photographer. An outback photographer would need a different camera than to sports photographer.

    All four cameras are excellent cameras. All of them have the same processor Digit 4, the same sensor, the same picture quality and all four take video in HD quality. I will move on and compare the other parameters. There are photographer for whom the cost is a crucial consideration. In this case, CANON rebel T2i 550 d is an excellent camera with the most affordable price. Starting at $600 body only. From $ 700 to the CANON rebel T3i 600 d, from $900 for CANON EOS 60 d and from $1200 for the body of Canon EOS 7 d. The gap is more than twice as much between the first camera to the last one.

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