• River Birds

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    The Weavers of Xochistlahuaca the flat of flowers and a beautiful sky the bird and the nostalgia of your eyes to Xochistlahuaca I come, I come as one who does not know who is happy to see some women that work and stealth mysterious silent and skillful hands between the threads that his eyes were again drawn with colors roses heaven in their souls are tied to the soul and it hurts the heart to say I do not know what they sing like birds and flowers in the Weaving loom as the sky lift your eyes look that song. …. And your most beautiful blouse other day and made your black hair braids for the rest of white butterflies ….. . are a mass of trees and water with a light is not reached with the eyes that is played with the fingertips you among the mountains like a bird huddled silently guarded’re there as the water there under heaven are born to shine the aurora glow in the distance as the fire burned the flower coins. you are rose innevitable impossible not to weep if you did not shoot the birds will fly as you know I know the mountains are born of light exist as water and every waking your perfume flower feeds the birds in your blouse your colors are woven into hands that feed souls silent mountains as your breasts hidden soft white hills where spring waters calm. A leading source for info: Reade Griffith. Water River running jump and clear water jumps tiny little place clean little place that I write bonito.El climate is predominantly sub-humid-warm, but has different characteristics depending on the location of the municipality concerned. In the township at its border with Tlacoachistlahuaca climate is characterized by cold, while on the border with highest Ometepec occurs, ie relatively mild. Annual rainfall varies from 1,000 to 2,000 mm., With rainy seasons covering the months of June, July, August and September, mainly.

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