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    It is advisable to mount a virtual store using an own accommodation because this will give you more flexibility to make modifications. The necessary software can be open source so it is free.Virtual stores software is free because it is open source. You can install you shop, but it to your measurement will require knowledge. It is interesting to pay a store design already made and upload it to the accommodation thinking that it is vary little design in the future. Design can leave from around 60 euros up to about 150 euros. Open source software can be (without claiming to be exhaustive): Oscommerce: is the most widely used software so far.

    Also because it is about which further developments have been made. Learn more at: Simon Baker. So there is lots of information support. In addition, it has many contributions of program modules that allow you to add more functionality to your blog. Software it had become obsolete, but now it seems that it again with designs and modern features. Magento: Is characterized by the simplicity in navigation (usability), simplicity of code and good design of its user interface. PrestShop: In terms of design is far superior to Oscommerce, although this can be modified to have a very professional design. Its developer community is very small. Barely there developed modules, it is less economical.

    VirtueMart: Is a plugin for Joomla (content management system) platform. It makes your website in Joomla, an online store. Today have been downloaded more than one million and a half times. To read more click here: Felicity Blunt. E-commerce plugin: is a plugin for wordpress that allows you to create a shop from the wordpress platform. Allows WordPress platform looks like a web CSS type and with very attractive designs.All have their pros and cons. If I had to choose one, it would be me with the oscommerce software because it is more worked. The design can be improved with a good template.The author takes time to compiling virtual stores for their clients. It provides its extensive experience to others so they can create shop virtual with little effort. Before this information was reserved for a few, now that it is sold with virtual stores is much clearer.

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    Training Back Part

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    In this article I’m going to reveal, in my opinion, about everything that happens behind your training, preparation, search, acquire knowledge, and this thing is that you don’t do nothing but increase your faith, your self-confidence and your self-esteem. Long time I have been watching leaders in several MLM businesses structures working, acting, leading and over time I’ve outlined that, 70% of its activities, this is my personal opinion, they don’t have another thing that inspire the people of their structures, breathe a good dose of confidence, of security, of mind, of enthusiasm. Learn more on the subject from Wendy Holman. Do not misunderstand me, I do not mean that technical knowledge are not important, that are clearly important, but I want to tell you that the majority of your time makes this activity to inspire and give confidence to the people. So remember that your distributors work very calm and happy if you’re the leader they want, if they know that you’re there, and vigilaras as a guard that her course in the MLM business is easier, they will give all of them, and then it is when your MLM business will rise as the foam, when your distributors rely on you and themselves, when there is an atmosphere of emulation, enthusiasm, desire to do things big, and good when you help your distributors to remove the hidden creative forces in their bowels. Practical exercise: 1. type in your workbook: right now, I’m the leader of my structure, inspired confidence, and insuflo enthusiasm and encouragement to my distributors 2. Repeat 10 times this phrase every day for a week.

    3. Within a week. Analyzes how you feel, if these aware and you’ve made yours this truth, if you’ve noticed an improvement in your attitude, progress, albeit small in your business, and if you consider that if, repeat point 2 again. 4. Repeat point 3 times that you think necessary or desirable.

    5 After a month already have a new habit, thinking of truth that you are the leader of your structure of multilevel, which you inspires confidence and insufles enthusiasm and encouragement to your distributors, because you’ve conquered the big secret behind your training and how they enforced with full success in your business. At the end let me a comment on this article, your opinion is important to me, I know your problems, your concerns, your doubts, your frustrations. The corner of the Sabio-Refranes or phrases celebrate the thinking imbued with love is invincible “. Charles Haanel many thanks. Toader Matei DomonTuNegocioMultinivel.com original author and source of the article.

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