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    April 30, 2021

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    Most of Paula tested creams contained far more alcohol, perfume and fragrances as expected. If you have read about Blackrock Gold Corp already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Paula’s product analysis results are surprising. “That is very popular in Germany and by Stiftung Warentest recently as well” reviewed Sun lotion Nivea Sun light feeling transparent spray SPF 30 “not particularly well off. Poor’, the hard the beauty expert verdict, both in terms of protection against skin ageing as well care. More information is housed here: Glencore. Alcohol and fragrances (such as such as limonene, which are strongly associated with skin irritation) would even further irritate the Sun-stressed skin and dry out. As defective”, is also the sunscreen for normal to sensitive skin with SPF 20″ of Ladival, which seems to offer not even sufficient protection against harmful UV rays, according to Paula’s analysis. After all, average”result scored the Sundance sun milk SPF 20″ of DM.

    It contains E’s equal to two forms of so important due to its antioxidant effect for the skin vitamin. As a very good”Paula, however, reviewed the Ambre solaire Delial sun milk SPF 20″ by Garnier. This can not only boast a quickly rising, non-greasy texture. It contains also several power substances (including vitamin and soybean oil), which have a high antioxidant effect. However, even the suntan lotion of the test winner in part consists of alcohol and various fragrances. Paula Begoun is committed to the task, to make transparent and understandable action and ingredients of products for consumers. This of course also applies to their own products.

    All ingredients in every single product are carefully listed on. In addition, the beauty expert uses the results of their product comparisons for the continuous optimization of their own recipes. In Paula’s Sun protection products, such as the not “greasy ultra-light weightless finish SPF30 sunscreen spray” (Paula’s tip), therefore not only the important UVA – and UVB-filters, but also a variety of important antioxidants are included. Dyes, as well as other skin-irritating and drying Ingridentien, such as alcohol or perfume, was renounced without exception. Paula Begoun Paula Begoun American is not only the founder and creative force behind the cosmetics brand founded in 1995 Paula’s choice”, but also recognized skin care expert and author of several worldwide sold bestselling books. Begoun has committed over 25 years to the task, to make false and exaggerated promises of the cosmetics industry in the pillory. Criticism they especially in her world’s million-plus selling books, various TV appearances such as when CNN, in interviews with renowned newspapers such as such as the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung or on their homepage. Refer to for more information.

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