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    February 19, 2012

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    We'll tell you what to do to the nozzle were in good condition. Usually, when you make adjustments to your vehicle, or you have a problem with the fuel injection system, it had to hear that Injectors should not be blocked. In this article, it will be clear what was going on. Perhaps the word 'dirty' is not the best term to describe the process, simply meaning that the nozzles are suffering from pollution or there accumulation of sediment from fuel. These savings clog the nozzle, limit the amount of gasoline at the time of injection, and this leads to the fact that there are faults in the engine.

    The basis of the nozzle is an injector. In any engine with mechanical or electronic fuel injection, there is an injector, which was originally configured, and can clog scum, or may decrease the flow of gasoline from the impurities that come with the fuel. Regardless of the that the rate of accumulation is low, because the nozzle is small, so do not need a lot of rain, enough of a small amount to reduce the supply of fuel and the impact on the spray. Fuel vapor passes through injector should be formed in a cone-shaped cloud, this ensures correct combustion process. Because of sediment occurs jet instead of a cloud, which causes the engine to malfunction, because the burning is bad, Special solvent under pressure can clear the nozzle.

    In addition, there are additives in the fuel tank, which makes clean fuel injectors, but in fact they do the minimum work. Best of all, if Specialist Service Centre will do all the work for you, because, in order to clean the injectors, it has the facilities and equipment necessary to do so. To prevent scale formation on fuel injectors need to use better quality fuel, which contains the necessary amount of detergent to prevent the accumulation of sediments. If you always use the cheapest petrol and do not want to overpay to get your injectors were cleaned in the process of movement, then you probably need to do regular maintenance to your car worked good with fuel efficiency.

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