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    October 26, 2013

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    Amaral devastated in the 2002 with prizes in almost all the musical categories: prize MTV Europe to the best Spanish group, prize Waves to the best song of its new album, Without you I am not nothing ; nomination to the Latin Grammy like better album, Woman prize to the best Spanish group, and platinum and golden records by this last production. In the society posmoderna all the technologies of vanguard: .las biotechnologies, the artificial intelligence, the audio-visual robotics, computer science, means, marketing you publish and it converge in a communication that becomes unique voice. To what extent the immense volume of information that circulates at present is generating of sense for the people? It says M. Horkheimer the atrophy of the imagination and the spontaneity of the present cultural consumer it does not need to be reduced to psychological mechanisms. The same products, beginning by the cinema, following by music paralyze, by their own objective constitution such faculties. Evidently youth, perhaps because one is in that delicate process of formation and experiences that will help them to distinguish or no, they are exposed to a winding deceit that arrives especially through language that dominates the environmental culture of today. Youth today constitutes half of the population of the world; it owns an enormous potential as consuming and is a route to transform the ethical values of the society. All this turns to them into coveted prey by which they try to replace the ethical order by other despersonalizadores values.

    A youth thus is very manipulable. And of there the danger of the text of this song we remember that the song has been awarded widely according to the appointment underneath the fragment of the song. We put the hope in which not only it has been by the letter, although this one (the semantic content) arrives better at our mental system that music (contained fonolgico) Lasch (1983) this neoindividualism does not represent a fortification of I but a strategy of survival before the economic and political social crises.

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