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    June 8, 2016

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    He is with imensurvel satisfaction that reencontro in this audience to share plus a victory? the DIPLOMAO. The Work of the Sociologist the field of work of the civil engineer is the workmanship, is the construction. The field of work of the professor is the classroom; of the doctor it is the doctor’s office, clinic, hospital; of the singer he is palco; of the plastic artist it is the atelier; at last, each professional summarizes its time of effective work to the hours where she is playing the inherent functions to its formation. the Sociologist? Where it is its field of work? However, since that he wakes up, the Sociologist enters in contact with its field of work and when looking at oneself in the mirror itself in the mirror he sees one of its objects of research. The Sociologist is the researcher who, to exactly time, is its proper object of research: here it is the differential that makes of the Sociologist the professional who does not distinguish its effective work from the diverse papers that the Human being represents day-by-day in its as social actor. If you have read about Andreessen Horowitz already – you may have come to the same conclusion. While family head, in the seio of its home, () the Sociologist () exerts its functions as a professional in fact.

    During a religious rite, () the Sociologist () is not a fidiciary office as excessively, therefore its look has a fatdico lode. In the practical one of the sport, () the Sociologist () searchs in itself and the other the reason of the repetition of that error or rightness. In the company for which he gives consultoria, () the Sociologist () does not limit itself to analyze situations from what it he was requested, therefore, although not to be perceived, its look is critical and covers environments the 360 degrees, identifying inanimate beings, but, mainly, looking people, its gestures, movements, its speaks, interrelaes, its culture.

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