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    May 3, 2014

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    'The results of the survey more than a thousand users of social networks, conducted by InsightExpress, indicates that 77% of users have a negative attitude to online advertising in social networks. This is understandable as a social network people come to socialize, but do not watch ads' – said Sergey Protsenko, director of development of companies 'business format'. The study was conducted in January 2009 among users of social networks like Facebook, Myspace and Classmates.com. Regional Internet advertising will show positive Now the dynamics of many advertisers reallocate budgets in favor of direct sales, almost completely abandoning the branding. In this situation, the growing interest in online advertising is quite natural. Until the end of the year segment of online advertising in the regions will increase by 15-20%, but success is not expecting all. Benefit from the growth of primarily agency, which already are key players in the market, have well-established business processes and well-structured sales system.

    'Newcomers and second-tier players will be more difficult, many will leave the market "- says the analyst of investment company" Finam "Tatiana Menkova. Prospects 'Classmates' time will tell While that the 'Classmates' in conjunction with local agencies plan to develop an individual strategy of promotion and price differential for each of the regions, experts believe that the 'expansion into the regions' little changes in the market. This situation was already in Mail.ru, which opened in several cities in their own offices. But now, 'they are not seen or heard "- said the head of the portal 63.ru Daria Burenkova. Many advertisers in the regions rather reluctant to be placed on the possibility of 'Classmates'. Practice shows that the effectiveness of advertising on social networks in a couple of times lower than that on the news or information resources. But in terms of financial crisis targeted advertising on social networks may well prove popular low-cost tool for promotion. If successful scenario 'Classmates' can count on revenue from advertising in the amount of $ 5-7 million

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