• Silver Jewelry

    September 10, 2017

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    Jewellery has always been the object of great attention for all women. Search for novelty and fashion trends in jewelry has never stopped and has been for many centuries jewelry masters seek to present any innovations in design, materials and style of their decorations. They strive to meet the needs and whims of every woman and accentuate its beauty. Original jewelry made from precious metals and rare precious stones. These signs are made each ornament a priceless masterpiece and the most desirable thing for a man, as each decoration was unique and worth insanely expensive. The cost of jewelry was evaluated based on their what metals and stones were used in the manufacture of jewelry, as well as on the basis of skill, talent and celebrity jeweler. These factors have made jewelry an unattainable object of dreams for many, a luxury that could afford allow only the elite of society.

    In recent years this paradigm has changed. The use of silver in the manufacture of jewelry and silver jewelry appearance to fulfill the dream of many who previously could only afford admire the jewelry on store shelves. Silver and earlier used as a metal for jewelry, but because it is a very soft metal, pure silver is rarely used for manufacturing jewelry. Therefore, widespread silver alloys with other metals harder and very quickly gained popularity among jewelry artists. The most common alloy is an alloy, which contains 92.5% silver, while the remaining percentage, usually occur in copper. Silver alloy has excellent properties such as flexibility and ease of handling, all this can produce complex and elegant jewelry with intricate patterns. Another great advantage of silver is that it can be used in an alloy with gold or rhodium. In this case, rafting on the appearance becomes indistinguishable from platinum – one the most expensive metals.

    In this case, you get it at the price of silver. Another feature that distinguishes the silver from other metals is manifested in the fact that metal can be written as "old" to emphasize the light nostalgia for the past and classic jewelry. Silver Jewellery in our time to win the market completely, and now you can find a rich collection of impeccably made rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants and . Among the most popular jewelry dominates Jewellery made of silver with zirconium inserts. Zircon crystals were very popular, as they precisely simulate real diamonds, and only a professional can find the external differences between the two stones. Use of silver alloys with rhodium and gold to imitate platinum in combination with zircon crystals allows produce seamless, ethereal, and indeed the royal jewelry. Although silver costume jewelry appeared as a replacement for expensive jewelry, she also gained a huge polarity of rich people and elites. Now you can to meet the huge, expensive, luxury jewelry collection of silver, which are also invaluable, as well as their counterparts from precious metals. Today, products made of silver filled with emotions and constantly encourage jewelry craftsmen to new works. Thus, even there is not one of even the most complex products, which is not possible to mimic with this metal. The popularity of silver jewelry is the fact that now these products You can buy with a click of the mouse and without leaving home. There are many online jewelry stores that offer a rich collection of modern and high quality silver jewelry at prices that available for any budget.

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