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    January 12, 2015

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    More and more determined founder advertise for their start-up capital and trying make your personal establishment grant with sympathetic and slightly crazy marketing actions. Gorlitz, 03 February 2012 (jk) not only since the financial crisis or the cuts on the founding grant budget (small) founder in Germany have it hard, to get start-up capital for their business ideas. Banks are rarely interested in awarded small amounts of credit, and on alternative financing methods is lacking still. Learn more on the subject from Caterpillar. This forces many firm founder, to be creative and to raise the capital for their business idea with sympathetic or sufficiently crazy marketing actions. For example, try currently Daniel Meier.

    With one so the 30 years in a nutshell explains his business idea simple as impressive intro on his Web page 5050box.com: He wants to start a company, whose Erlos to 50 percent will benefit charity. The starting capital This should provide him with the visitors of its site: by photographing their hands directly online via webcam and send off. This Mr. Meier tinkering a giant mosaic and marketed this as profitable. Granted, the approach to make money with photographed hands seems to be quite optimistic. Only the presentation of the project is so successful and sympathetic, that, in short, second already several hundred people have contributed to the mosaic and without that the founders really reveals what is intended to be the business idea of the future start ups! Not only by air and love, but also by a corresponding degree of enthusiasm live start ups such as Smarchive or BluePatient.

    The business ideas, these concepts are meant for banks innovative high investment risk. So, Smarchive offers a smart”software for the archiving of all possible (and impossible) documents, BluePatient is a community-based system that will help companies in patent and plagiarism issues. But the banks “people, found in private small investors amazing appeal: the Crowdfunding platform Seedmatch” came within less days five-digit amounts of start-up capital together nearly two hundred small investors had contributed between 250 and 2500 euro, because business idea and team of start-ups, which are allowed to distinguish on the Seedmatch platform, simply had convinced them. Of course, the prospect of return played a role per 250 euro an investor received a silent participation of approximately 0,0334 percent. The eventual rash for the investment but are not the views of the highest profit because other investments he would be higher but the feeling to be part of a meaningful project. Have you found your business idea and fight with the creation of a professional business plan? The business plan platform offers a free, interactive business plan tool to create a professional business plan in 15 minutes including Finanziteil! Simply register and free create your business plan.

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