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    July 16, 2012

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    It is worth remembering that the price you pay when buying a new car – a thing quite conventional. The car is not tv or a cell phone, which in most cases do not require additional investment after purchase. The car will inevitably have to spend: pass routine engineering work, buy supplies and spare parts, repair. It is very desirable – to insure. The sum of all these expenditures is composed total cost of ownership of the vehicle.

    In the West (primarily in the U.S. and Canada) method of counting bargain very popular. In the Internet you can find dozens of sites offering their visitors to choose one or another brand view a list of all the standard cost of the vehicle and calculate the final cost of ownership. In Russia, unfortunately, these resources do not yet exist: the experience of consumption is not too large. However, nothing interferes with the Russians on their own to take advantage of this technique. The general sense it is as follows. Once you've chosen a model, you need to do some investigation. First of all, calculate how much money you will leave for scheduled work.

    For This is enough to call in any official service for the selected brand – employee technical center will present the timing and cost of ta. All these amount to add on to the price of the car. In addition, it is necessary find out what it would cost the insurance car. You can call several insurance companies and lead the average sentence.

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