• REorganizing Businesses

    March 11, 2020

    Posted in: General

    And in the shop "Crossroads" even the authority of Vladimir was not enough. Nor can the leaders of the country, travel around the whole of Russia, and forcing businesses to become "Good", even if they state their case casting. Consequently, and this path is not real. And what are the ways out are? What are the levers still have from the Government, which features a business, what hope for production? When traditional perceptions are really slim. May argue that many proposed schemes with significant investments, which supposedly will contribute to economic recovery. But in fact they will work only to receive additional financial injections into the capital of those who bought such schemes.

    However, there is a way that guarantees success in overcoming crisis in a country that does not cause the temptations of greed because it can be implemented without any additional financial injections! It is an achromatic industrial relations, and eventually, perhaps on the achromatic and public relations. The first and Today his main advantage is that it allows you to organize any: bankrupt, abandoned, unprofitable or inefficient business resumed its success by working team, without a change of ownership (and naturally, without any payment to him by the state ). It is an advantage in a time when the crisis spread to a huge layer of Russian society, can help in the implementation mass transfer of the economy on achromatic relations that guarantee: the successful overcoming of the crisis, the powerful success reformed business, a marked improvement in social conditions for the actors.

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