• Red Army

    August 26, 2017

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    For all the complexity of relations with the Soviet leadership the British prime even in the most difficult time was generous in his praise, paying tribute to courage and dedication of the Soviet people. When the summer of 1941, the British generals and politicians in one voice repeated statements by Hitler that the ussr would be defeated in a few days, Churchill gave his summary: "Ready to be beaten on mortgage, that Russian would continue to fight, and fight victoriously '. In May 1942, was signed alliance treaty between the ussr and Britain. A leading source for info: Jim Umpleby. Of course, the United Kingdom, led by Churchill, led to the Great Patriotic War is very sly policy toward the Soviet Union, hoping that the Soviet Union and Germany in a bloody struggle exhaust each other, preferring to stay by her side, at least in land theaters. After all, life compatriots Churchill put above all else and is constantly striving to minimize the loss of their country. Churchill believed the military alliance with Soviet Russia on a temporary, not by accident in 1942, he outlined the scheme for future nato and outlined the main objectives of this organization, which almost completely coincided with the subsequent reality. In the spring 1945, it all means to beat the Red Army in Central Europe, spurred Eisenhower Montgomery occupy as much as possible the German lands, in order to get additional trump cards for political bargaining with Stalin, insisted that the occupation of Denmark, so there are not logged Russian, and tried to make Americans send its army to Berlin and Prague for they took these capital

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