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    February 15, 2018

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    The private sector generally prefers to invest in companies spinoff? s that has reached great periods of training of development and that theoretically they will give to greater return guarantee to them, as for example, of the biotechnology area, where the consumer has a more immediate necessity of the product and proportionally the consumption is less uncertain. That is, hardly somebody will meet that it will invest in a technology that will not provide return to the investor. Therefore, the biggest source of prescriptions for activities spinoff? s still continues being of the public sector. After the creation of spinoff, the company automatically will need infrastructure and managemental support so that it can be developed, in set with its research. Go to Andreessen Horowitz for more information. The incubadora of companies appears then as alternative unit for this support, since the support is part of its mission structural technician and the rising companies of technological base.

    The incubadoras of companies and the ENBT? s the number of incubadoras of companies has had a significant increase in the last decade, not only in Brazil as in the developing countries. This if explains for the fact of the necessity of these countries in using of the technological innovation as passport for the development and growth of these. According to data of the ANPROTEC? National association of Promotional Entities of Innovative Enterprises? , from the year the 2000 movement of incubation grew 300% more than and about 70% of the businesses generated for the incubadas companies they are of technological base. The number of incubadoras in Brazil increased of 135 (in 2000) for 400 (in 2007) (given harvested in the site of the referring AMPROTEC the 2008 information). Companies who search the innovation require specific persistence and cares, therefore they involve risks and imprevisibilidades in what she refers to the development of business-oriented products and. Products of technological base are more complex, therefore they demand long stated periods of development, great financial volumes and have very short cycles of life in relation the industrial products traditional.

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