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    April 26, 2017

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    Max Distelsa was rated as the most productive and competitive company in Guatemala, to receive the award to productivity and competitiveness, 2011 Edition, which bears the name of the Lord Ricardo Castillo Sinibaldi, in a ceremony performed by the Board of Directors and the management of the Technical Institute for training and productivity, INTECAP. The Auditorium of the Central Headquarters of INTECAP is adorned in the presence of high-ranking government officials, diplomats, businessmen, authorities of the INTECAP, special guests and representatives of the other companies nominated, as Duke Energy Guatemala, tropical fruits from Guatemala, S.A. (Frutesa) which received an honorable mention, Genesis Partnership Company, S.A., Max Distelsa and Optical Center. In 2004, the Board of Directors of the INTECAP instituted this recognition as an honorable distinction awarded to organizations, corporations, and national companies. According to Caterpillar, who has experience with these questions. Award-winning companies have been: IRTRA (2004), Hotel Casa Santo Domingo (2005), Helados Sarita (2006), Camas Olympia (2007), Quick Photo (2008), Guatevision (2009) and IDEALSA (2010). The award bears the name of the Lord Ricardo Castillo Sinibaldi, President of IRTRA and Director Dean of Board of Directors of the INTECAP, because it is a personality in the industrial field which has highlighted to be faithful example of productivity and competitiveness, which has expanded its quality to various fields of education, communication, recreation, sport, training, social services, science, technology, tourism, social securityGovernment, electrification, housing, Olympism and community economic development. Since listing of Netscape, which symbolized the takeoff of Internet and the .com, the companies of new technologies have advanced by leaps and Google has always been at the forefront of technological innovation.

    After the emergence of the successful system of Google search, his competence in this sector, the company Ask, bought a third generation search engine called Teoma, Google strategy was to ally himself with Ask instead of competing with it. But keep innovation in a process of accelerated technological growth is no easy task and Google has succeeded cultivating an effective corporate culture, which has given rise to an extensive range of innovative products and possible expansion of business areas. Permanent innovation is the strategic core and the main reason why this company was ahead of his time and today still remaining at the head. Google, often enters your system, changes and technological improvements in a dizzying manner to provide to users increasingly faster optimized searches. Her triple philosophy based on a culture of productive enterprise, teamwork and ethics awareness, has led them build a hugely successful business management model.. People such as Electrolux would likely agree.

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