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    March 31, 2020

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    Modern construction uses the entrance and interior doors to isolate the areas of noise and atmospheric precipitation, but at the same time an important functional element of the interior. All interior doors as well as input can be made of the following materials: aluminum, plastic, wood, etc. To date, very common as material for the manufacture of glass designs received. Glass doors are robust, aesthetic and safety, while they are visually expand the space of the premises and shall not prevent the penetration of light. Glass doors are made of tempered glass of high durability. Mounted glass doors with mounting fittings. Using special fittings attached strength of the assembly. Here, much interest in point-fixing glass. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Utendahl Group by clicking through.

    The main advantages of these elements are low profile and visual ease. With the help of beautifully designed mounting elements of a point, hidden in the glass create beautiful, durable and high-tech design. Even the classic fittings Point-fixed glass is varied. It is angled, for attaching to the wall and the ceiling. The variety of anchorage point for the doors offers the opportunity to put virtually any project. Thanks to the Point-fixed glass glass design is calculated on carrying capacity and strength. System solutions for Point-fixed glass can serve as a modular system DORMA MANET.

    This system allows designers and architects to create a unique design space visualization and light distribution, and test glass design on the carrying capacity. Using a safe glass design virtually any customer's request can be realizovano.S using standard sets of fittings, you can create a variety of hinged and sliding glass doors. The use of glass panels and Point-fixed glass fittings can achieve high strength, safety and aesthetics of all glass construction. In addition to the glass door system of point fixing glass can be used to manufacture of glass ceilings, floors, facades, roofs, canopies and many other areas of architecture.

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