• Piracy From The Perspective Of Publishers, And Users

    March 29, 2011

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    Today want to talk about piracy from the perspective of users and publishers. I think you will be able to imagine both the chain travel game from inception to falling into the hands of the end user, at least figuratively. If not, please describe briefly. The publisher was going to release the game, he got an idea, the theme of the game, the funds in the general nerbhodimy stock ready. But that game has paid off, you need it even before release to advertise and it is desirable to release a review. And all the people, organizations, firms that are in the chain from creation to release the game they want to grab a piece of the larger ones. Gaming industry is a business. Like any business, is aimed at gamedev profit. Buying a pirated cd or downloading a pirated copy from the internet, gamer reaches into his pocket developers, publishers, companies engaged in advertising – peck penny from anyone who stands in a long queue wanting to make their hand in the game. Here are just a totally fair question arises: whether the owner really does everything to convince gamers to buy licensed computer games? It turns out that there is no Any new zabugornye game goes on sale in our country after 3 weeks, or even a month! And then to be gamers, who was waiting for the day the game was released half a year (it comes in so many review), dripping with saliva And now comes the long awaited date, it runs at a run to the store and said to him that the game is to appear in public store in another 2-4 weeks. Imagine his face? He goes online and sees that the pirated version is already lying a few days as is available to all .Estestvenno his vulnerable psyche can not stand it and download it. And it turns out that the blame is just not as many pirates as company agents, that is, the whole chain from the developer to shop. Well, summing up, I want to say something and to answer another question. What prevents the buyer to buy? This lack of computer games on sale, because the gap between international and domestic release, often is a few weeks or even months. This lack of legal download a lot of games over the Internet, because not all games are distributed by publishers via the Internet. Of course, There are other, more important causes of piracy. Just afraid to raise living standards in the regions and to inculcate the population was lost back in the late eighties, a respect for law publishers are unlikely to reach. But to turn to back to the woods, and the buyer face – completely. Yes, and I would like to face the publisher was human.

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