• Outbound Telemarketing

    July 11, 2017

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    I would define this way act as phone Spam, from here, I recommend you centres in other formulas that can be extraordinarily profitable and not the bad press of cold calls are associated. I will try to organize the concepts so that they understand more easily. In the first place, you have to differentiate between two ways of interpreting the Telemarketing: Outbound Telemarketing (art thou that call a list of names that you’ve had a previous contact and you have her consent) and Inbound Telemarketing (clients or potential clients who you call it). Outbound Telemarketing works very well in the following situations: a.-correct problems: If you have an online business, you can see how a relevant number of purchase operations not end close for some reason. You can let this fact or recover the failed operations and follow-up with calls to customers to try to resolve the problem. You would be surprised to know how many companies they do not do anything about it and look like a lot of money eludes them hands. (b) give information: when your customer has shown interest in something specific, have a magnificent opportunity to get in touch with him and give you information that is relevant to your area of interest. The purpose of this contact does not have to be immediate sale.

    You can direct you to a Web page where you offer free information or invite you to an event where you speak of what you are concerned. c Up-selling and Cross-selling: history of any client with your organization is an excellent source of information to be able to offer them those products that best fit with a sale Up-selling (related product which increases the value to the customer) and Cross-selling (complementary to the acquired product). These strategies can be aggressive for many customers. Be careful when you use them, and if you have doubts, don’t put them up via telephone.

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