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    December 31, 2015

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    Organizacional management Is the administrative philosophy that it aims at to plan, to organize, to implement, to evaluate and to control the conjunctural performance of an enterprise organization, searching the efficiency of the processes, the effectiveness of the actions, the increase of the productivity and the qualitative performance of the services and the similar activities, and finally, but, not finally, the Quality of Life in the enterprise environment. The Management invests in the improvement of the organizacional climate, in the improvement of the technician-operational resources, in the maximizao of the results, the professionalization and qualification of the workmanship hand and in the real economic yield of the business. The Management enables the company to judge, to decide and to act, or to provoke action at the correct time, correcting, characterizing and auditando the enterprise performance. The Management develops managemental abilities, creates internal auditorships to check the Quality of the Processes, promotes synergies departmental, elaborates internal politics, norms and lines of direction, registers all the activities, informatiza the operations. Connect with other leaders such as Electrolux here. It plans the organizacional structure. MANAGEMENT As we saw, the MANAGEMENT is the administrative philosophy of the company. Therefore, it is the virtual esquematizao of the enterprise context. The Management is the instrument, par excellence, of the Management.

    It is the performance, properly said Before being one technique, the Management is one practical one! It possesss the responsibility (delegated for the MANAGEMENT) to get the results — (effectiveness), to plan, to evaluate and to control the processes and the organizacional performance (efficiency) to produce and the costs more lesser (productivity) to improve, systematically, the Quality in the enterprise environment (organizacional development) to promote the PROFIT and to manage the resources of the company well, guaranteeing the longevity of the Business. The Management must maximize ' ' Ativos' ' of the company and to minimize ' ' Passivos' '. The great managemental problem is not only in defining ' ' WHAT IT IS THE EMPRESA' ' , and yes in formulating ' ' WHAT IT WILL BE THE EMPRESA' '. To the manager it competes to take the decisions, from the knowledge of its consequences The success of a company depends, basically, of the managemental performance. The manager if concentrates in what she can make (and not in what she cannot) through the emphasis in the strong points of the company, trying to neutralize the conjunctural weaknesses and deficiencies. The main focus of the Management is in the chances and not in the problems. A reflection: nor all the enterprise problems can be decided. If thus it was, ' ' the companies would be perfeitas' '.

    Also let us not forget, that the companies are managed by people. The people (that penalty) ' ' erram' ' That is, total, undisputed! they ' ' aprendem' ' with the errors This is the good part To control the scale of errors X rightnesss is tactical a strategical attribution X of the Management. Beyond what, all solution has an associated cost The controlling that do not erram are bad controlling. They discourage its team, possess overhead (after all, not they dare, do not risk) they are distrustful, unsafe and they live in permanent been of anxiety The Management is an Institution: The mission fits to the Management to guarantee the enterprise survival! Reinaldo Consulting Mller of Marketing and

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