• Organization Objectives

    June 9, 2016

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    These are times of cooperation over the current chaos in organizations. The model of cooperation and knowledge sharing has proved more effective in times of competition for a post or a solitary place, seeking to become the best and only for the organization, has changed the overall objectives. The new organizations tend to mix within their structures to some degree of order and chaos. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Jonas Samuelson on most websites. Using the order as a binder and chaos as creativity, innovation and experimentation, mixing between security and risk. Some companies are already readapting and slogans such as: a Oeun spirit of flexibility and experimentation . The worker is free to take risks, experiment and innovate, explore new ideas and generate new work processes and new products and a culture in which there is no guilt let workers take risks are being incorporated into the intelligent organization. In environments of culture change-oriented business, authority and the hierarchy will diminish but not disappear completely.

    Excerpted from the Training & Development magazine. a We can not ignore the fact that learning something new means for some people move from a competencia to incompetenciaa . Our society can not get to meet all human needs, and its companion, the consumer society, does nothing but create new needs to meet, but the need for more human. THE NEED TO FIND AND GIVE DIRECTION TO OUR SITE IS NO WAY IN OUR SOCIETY. As for the passage of Article which relates to a nada long term translated on the ground of the family …

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