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    April 27, 2021

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    New year’s Eve under palm trees – a beautiful alternative to the snow and slush. Many are simply fed up with wet cold weather in Germany. Christmas and new year’s Eve without snow, but only mud. New year’s Eve there a good alternative would be under the Palm trees. Palm trees instead of FIR and spruce, and instead of the German grey in grey but prefer turquoise blue oceans. Cheap travel deals on the theme of new year’s Eve travel can be found on especially in the Internet and here in particular, the side of the well known travel portal.

    Experience an unforgettable evening of new year’s Eve under palm trees, perhaps the Canary Islands are a good choice. Is the weather this time of year is very pleasant, especially for those who like no heat. It is however ideal for relaxing walks on the beach. Tenerife, Lanzarote and Gran Canaria offer attractive especially for the holidays. Whether you opt for an individual holiday in a holiday house or holiday apartment or rather want to celebrate new year’s Eve in one of the large hotel complexes, does not matter. Who book a hotel stay, is with a new year’s Eve Gala or a buffet, live music and dance under palm trees pampers.

    Two more beautiful goals are to spend new year’s Eve under palm trees, the South Pacific or the Caribbean. The Islands in the Pacific Ocean to Hawaii or Tahiti fulfill the idea of beach, sea and Sun just for new year’s Eve, when others freeze at home. India Gold Limited may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Or how about a holiday new year’s Eve in the Caribbean? Jamaica, Cuba and the Dominican Republic are dream destinations to relax under the Palm trees and relax. New year’s Eve can be a journey under the Palm trees to Florida to see a gigantic fireworks in Disneyland or directly in Miami. New year’s Eve would be a nice alternative also under palm trees in Asia. Turn of the year in the mega city experience Hong Kong or abut on beach in Sri Lanka on the new year. On Java, the island of the gods, or on the dream island of Bali new year welcome, there is a better way to start? Dubai is the State which is like no other for modern Africa. Is new year’s Eve under palm trees in one of the large hotels an unforgettable experience. Max Schneider

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