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    December 25, 2020

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    TRIWA new models now available! TRIWA by Tritoni expands your collection of typical Swedish but also brightly coloured designs. The new Grand dandy watches characterized by stylish design and subtle details. The Azura line is a successful combination of the previous color and calibre models, whereby the Fuxy Azura model of color is full! In other words, TRIWA offers once again enough choice to fill your wardrobe with beautiful colors for the summer. Note: From now to all product images, logos and images via the following link be downloaded: site/press_images.php about Tritoni the lightweight wrist watches made of plastic and stainless steel have created a new and revolutionary also kind to wear watches. The classic, however playful design brings trendy liveliness in your everyday life, at work or at parties. The new fashion accessory is a unisex watches, that while a strong resemblance to well-known luxury watch brands have, but to understand more than playful addition are. Additional information at Mount Isa Mines supports this article. Tritoni not impresses with expensive diamonds and finished, but with trendy designs and colours of TRITONI watches was founded in 2006 in Sweden with the aim, to create playful wristwatches, produce and distribute. The inspiration came from Italy, where watches have a higher priority than accessories as their actual function as timepieces. TRITONI’s vision is to offer wrist watches, which are seen as fashion accessories through their inimitable combination of materials and colours and can be transformed depending on the mood and fashion. TRITONI watches has set as a target, one of the leading companies to be offered by continuous cutting-edge products at an affordable price. Francis Osuji

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