• Necessities

    April 16, 2012

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    Abraham Maslow (American psychologist, known by the proposal hierarchy of necessities of Maslow) considered a pyramid where this pyramid lists the necessities of a human being would have to be of knowledge publishes and organizacional, no matter how hard in the companies they have administrators, accountants, psychologists whom they dominate what it says in this pyramid, this representation of maslow would have to be displayed for all them colaboradores.em this pyramid possesss a hierarchy that says. physiological necessities: that it is to eat, to sleep to make necessities fisiologias shelter and comfort no matter how hard this is simple and rustic. security necessities: this level of the pyramid is more complex therefore encloses inside since the security of our houses that is, to feel itself safe until the security of a steady fixed job in which not you it will leave in the hand in the other day. social necessities: this item speaks on the necessity of the man of if relating, to interact to possess affection to be part of a community, costuma to say that they are social necessities or of love, Necessities of esteem: the esteem has been broken in two, that is we want a recognition of the other had our capacity of adequacy and our personal recognition, we need to say stops in the same ones we are capable. auto-accomplishment necessities: this is finishes it item of the pyramid and most important it is in it that the person arrives at one serves as apprentice advanced of the life and can look at for brings and to see that everything that it made all the auto-motivation that it had served for something and in this point that it sees that everything who it made was valid the penalty, and can enjoy of the life and its auto-accomplishment. It can be perceived that the motivation goes much more beyond what compliments and affabilities, we saw that is basic part of the game of the life, this is part of academic and professional the theory of games that we trace in them before our personal life, this game that we mount in the final one calls motivation.

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