• Natural Division

    April 19, 2018

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    In this material transformation the man develops a happened conscience of the relation kept with the materiality, manifest in the language, that the authors call ' ' conscience real' ' , for a empirismo expositor of the human conscientious state, creating a partner-cultural interchange. Being he stains of a descartiano ideal, corroborating the materializante process of composition of the man in relation to the way, the language results in a social comprometimento of relations between beings in parity as for the biossocial development, beyond a transmission of the proper lingustica materiality that brings to baila a saussureana perspective. He exists, according to Marx and Engels, influence on the man of a conscience of the purely animal nature, called ' ' religion of natureza' ' , – sending to a rousseauniana inheritance – that a posteriori, it would foment in the citizen a relationary limitation to the natural state that would regulate the development of social order, taking care of a necessity of gregria conscience tied with the natural disposals of an existing materiality. In regards to division of the work, a dichotomy between material and intellectual work is observed, creating a conflict between productive forces and social relations, resulting in a composed model tripartite of productive force, social state and conscience, being that this third conscientious factor would be usurping for itself a manifest legitimation as status supplies, fomenting the inaquality. Presenting the inaquality as consequncia of a concientious overlapping of homo intellectus, at the same time emerging critical mordacious a hegeliana school, going to the recondite primevos of the paternalistas societies with enslaved exploration, conceiving later an activity (division of the work) that it has as resulted a product (private property). Two social models are servant, the first one of common interest, order of collective production, with possible functional mobility in result of the social necessity, in contrast, as model possesss carcatersticas of particular order, with spheres exclusive and determined by the division of the work, conditioning subject to a function that will guarantee its private subsistence.

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