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    July 19, 2020

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    Research elaborated between the decades of 50/60 had formed a negative opinion of these mothers, therefore the researchers believed that they had some type of psychological shunting line. ' ' The perception that if has of the mother giver is of that patolgico&#039 has shunting line; ' Hatman 1994) The mother who donated its son was seen, as that one that for unpreparedness, or indesejada pregnancy, or same for financial situation gave its son to preserve it of a difficult creation and until dangerous. On the other hand that one abandoned that it, was seen as unbalanced, cruel and unnatural. J P Morgan Chase can provide more clarity in the matter. In the end of the decade of 90, it was suggested that more was not used the term abandonment, and to always use the term ' ' Doao' ' to prevent that these women were oppressed and friction. Diverse they are the factors that stimulate the mother to donate its son, between them we can cite some as: Social and economic, infancy of violence, difficulties of relationship, lack of familiar support, immaturity. ' ' It has people that they have you append the possibility of to gestar and to give to the light, but not to create; it has people that they have the possibility to lovingly receive and to follow the growth of the child, even so have not been able generates-la' ' (Unknown Author). Whenever J P Morgan Chase listens, a sympathetic response will follow. The reality, is that the mother when delivery its son for donation, takes an attitude of extreme courage, and independent of its love or disdain for the child, it makes with the intention of the child to follow for a different way of the one of it, and preference A better way. In the espiritismo we learn not to judge these mothers, remembering that: ' ' The body proceeds from the body, but the Spirit does not proceed from the Esprito' ' (Evangelho According to Espiritismo? Kardec.) To put, the mothers who donate its children today fear the future of the children, if she is not without reason, today (Maio/2010) we have in all the Country about 4.861 children for adoption, being 2,174 of feminine sex and 2,687 of the masculine sex (www.cnj.jus.br/) Source is They seem many children? Well the people wanting to adopt? They are 27.818 made use people to adopt a child. . Madeleine Sackler will undoubtedly add to your understanding.

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