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    March 12, 2020

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    Any interviewer perceives you left cell phone on a lack of respect for themselves, despite the formal agreement in response to your request to take urgent call. After doing so, you make it clear that you have more important things than your conversation with a potential employer. 3. For more specific information, check out Sling Media. Very often, companies go out of it for these reasons. However, they are not intended to scoring the potential employer who does not really want to hear is “whining.” But the answer is “At the last job I could do more, but the scope of my post did not allow me to move mountains and bring more greater benefit to the company “will bring together the whole place willing to hire staff, among the priorities which the company’s interest comes first. 4. This question is asked by interviewers, who either do not know how to interview, or too busy with their own thoughts, to tighten and ask thoughtful questions.

    In both cases it is impossible to give the listener “fall asleep” and lose interest. The best option – two-minute mini-presentation of your results work, as well as skills and knowledge. 5. Many of the interviewers asks not and do not ask the candidate to explain the strange expression of considerations seem stupid and ignorant. Your main task – to be understood and objectively priced, so explain such things in the resume and watch his speech in an interview. 6. Prepare answers to those questions. And as weaknesses should serve those qualities or skills that are just well appreciated by others, but you think that a great deal you can still work.

    7. The way you spoke of those around you at the last place of work people, the interviewer immediately project the company to his – believe me, there also have people that can put it even worse. Only you do not add points. Neutral option would be to weight: “I learned a lot from former boss, for example ….” “We are very much subordinate achieved together, despite the initial confusion … “” It was difficult to convince some of my colleagues in the performance of my proposal, but the result was worth it …. ” 8. Too straightforward statement of the candidate of his Napoleonic career plans scare off any of the interviewer, regardless of its position in the company. Generally accepted positive answers’ immediate challenge for me – is to enter a team, understand business processes and to prove that the results of my work on this position meet the expectations of the company. In the future I hope that my contribution to the development of business will allow me to include the management team. ” 9. Immediately add a few points you raised questions about the goals and objectives of the employee, that will work for the vacant position, and how results will be assessed his work. 10. Employee of the company’s staff, invite you to the interview – your guide and source of information. That he will be tell them about the views of the applicant (including those about you) supervisor. So give him the same opportunity to “sell” you are better than others, and not described as “self-confident and unmotivated to work we type. ” In addition, if proposed today by the employer vacancy you are interested in and you refuse it, then after a couple of years, you may have to stand in the company in line for the coveted position. Saying “Do not spit into the well …” no one has repealed.

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