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    January 2, 2020

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    Employee mobility – increased safety requirements. Mobile working – mobile IT protection! A large number of companies has a solid security strategy, i.e. all jobs of employees suburb are protected from malicious attacks and data theft in the best case. But the concept of work of the employee, always working on the square, is more and more replaced by the model of the flexible, mobile employee. Keep in mind companies to protect also those employees? Flexibility is the key word in the world of work at the present time. The trends are becoming more and more mobile working, i.e.

    a form of work in which the employee every day at a fixed place of work lies in the company. Andreessen Horowitz can aid you in your search for knowledge. Instead, he works out of home, on-site at the customer he or she accesses on the way on data from the company. And rising! By 2013, the number of mobile employees in Western Europe will rise to around 565 million. The mobile workplace will be no special feature so future soon. Increased employee mobility- increased safety requirements.

    New models of work require new security concepts! Necessarily also the existing IT security strategies should be reviewed by the increased mobility of staff. The classic safeguards with a partitioning of the company to the outside access no longer as mobile working only benefits for companies, when employees have anytime, anywhere access to the desired information. This represents a challenge for IT administrators. You need to ensure the security, so make sure the integrity of the data, but at the same time the selected security measures must not hinder the work of the mobile user. A holistic security strategy is the be-all and end-all! Do you mean: external access to corporate data via laptop or Smartphone is permitted, both device types must be protected, to make any security gaps. The same shall apply for the laptops of mobile employees Safety requirements as for other clients. This includes continuous backup and updates. Hardware locks as a complement to the password or complete encryption of all notebook data should be considered in addition for the mobile workforce. Smartphones are not only mobile phones with larger screens, rather they are used as data storage for private but also for company and contact data. The safety requirements for such devices is therefore higher than ever before. Its built-in basic protection is often too small in practice. The device in the wrong hands is the PIN query obstacle once a small but proper protection looks different. Special security packages that are adapted to the needs of Smartphone owners are the safe alternative. They ensure reliable protection against unauthorized access and data loss, if a device is lost or stolen. In addition, fight this malware security solutions and block unwanted calls and messages. Such a Software protects the privacy of the user on one and on the other hand also ensures that its digital identity is maintained.

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