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    June 28, 2021

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    Those who see Islamism as a temporary sliding phenomenon in the world are on the one hand and always to seek solutions, since they are not brave enough or responsible. On the other hand, war or those who want to ban the Islam stand against dictatorships as the best means for the fight against terrorism and Islamism. Where does this process of radicalisation in all countries of the Middle East without exception? I believe the fundamentalist ideologies, are and at the top of the jihadist ideology that lead the motivating forces of Muslims born in the West, fight of terrorism against their own country, as well as against people and dissenters. But where does this process that people share less and less for the fate of people in others in the West are interested in the world? Still keep cool, sustained and intense public debate about the war in the Iraq, Islam and terrorism has created a far more informed citizenship. A few people in the West knew terms like Jihad, fatwa, genocide and even less Dhimmitum before 9 / 11 and before the American liberation of Iraq and Caldwell Assyrians. Even less did they discuss about Christians in the Middle East or repealed Quranic verses or had an opinion about the Islamic nature of the beheading. But today these questions with knowledge are discussed by bloggers, talk show hosts and even in police headquarters.

    The outcome of the war in Iraq, will have to do I think of less with a breakthrough on the human rights issues in the Middle East and the question of the Middle East than with the degree in which civilized people understand the nature of their enemy and together find the common fight against the darkness and violence. That means that Liberals, Democrats, and fine thinkers remember, that the dialogue and the courageous policy can change the future the answer could be quite decisive. The history gives us enough reasons for optimism, because so far the peace and the Democrats, and the Democrats retain the upper hand. To create one have proved this people, immortal nation be. Raif Toma

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