• Michael Zadornov

    March 9, 2020

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    fuel pump is disabled. Some blocks laid as follows: if 3 times turn – turn off the ignition, then follow the ignition will not turn on the pump. Bring to I tie on ‘ten’. The owner is upset. He somewhere because it is too late. I asked him what happened. He says to me, and refused a gasoline pump.

    I begin to figure out how it happened. It turns out he was sitting in the car and someone was waiting. In his pink car signalka – periodically turns the siren, but to turn it off, it was necessary to include the ignition. Well, here he included it included, but when it came time to go, it involves the ignition and listens when fetch a pump, and pump it does not turn on – denied. Him and does not occur, that you simply turn the ignition key to start and the car start. But no. Be sure to listen to fetch a pump, because in his head firmly lodged: while the pump is not starting the car can not fetch! You should have seen his face when I got into my car and it just started.

    Among the professional diagnosticians to such clients approach somewhat different. Bred, who as you can. Change controller or fuel pump. At least a thousand to 3 and everyone is happy with the client and the diagnostician. So, we start vpryskovy car as well as petrol, ie no wait, if you like, make second pause between the position and the key turned to start. Another Note, if the starter is denied, then the machine can start with a pusher. Some people believe that you can not do this. Can. Nothing bad will not do. The people we have in Russia a kind. No one, I think this debate will not be there Michael Zadornov, as written on the subject. I’m also a little touch on it. The essence of the word diagnosis – is the identification, definition (in our case, the fault in the engine with electronic control system) many of the same by the word imply – prevention. client comes and says I need to be diagnosed and the car was already 10000km. That these customers just love to diagnosticians, if he honestly say that man does not climb into the car did not stop her work, it offended, but diagnosis is still held in another location. So just connect the motor tester and start to go over the ears. One option: – oh, how you arrived on time. Yes, you have mass air flow sensor barely alive. Its desirable change, and then I look at fuel consumption is already higher than normal. – Yes probably agree client. – Well, a look your sensor. I knew that looking at it is written. from the top in large letters at the bottom of a small Boche made in Russia. sensor is made, we can understand what quality. I have these sensors made in Germany. (Here diagnostician gets washed and packed in its original packaging sensor which was removed before the other cars at the same client) removes the mass airflow sensor and casually throws it in the trash. (When a customer will leave the sensor out of the garbage into a new) and new places to place. – Well, now all the parameters are normal, you can still drive safely 10 000.

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