• Mercy Karma

    March 21, 2012

    Posted in: General

    Would talk about global development. Or sustainable development. Supported by the environment. What is smarter, think about the business benefits and support, even destroying crops and oxygen, or sustain the environment by curbing the hectic business if necessary? Private interests do not usually protect the global. This is the great problem of humanity. And now that many are powerful we see that there is no oxygen for all, or business for everyone. The apotheosis of love is a sign of intelligence at this time, rather than goodness or Mercy: A company that ceases to emit gases, and it is favored because it will flood if not stop the pollution. It's like the concept of karma.

    When karma is so heavy it threatens a community, a check should occur before the evil is consummated. If the consumer continues to consume products from companies that pollute and kill, shares the karma with the company and ends up bad for everyone, consumers and manufacturers. The best way to have control over companies is to eat responsibly, stop using the vehicle, using renewable energy methods, is to turn off the light bulb of stupidity and light the torch of intelligence. In all aspects of life, we share the karma with business skills or irrational aberrations and it is as if everyone was under a lot of stupidity. Another example, happens to people with AIDS, more tolerant and give them access to society, it's like AIDS will foster. Why not quarantined closed to these patients? Such behavior, share the karma with those sick and ill to society.

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