• Manoel Vitorino

    November 8, 2018

    Posted in: General

    Word-keys: Reading, writing, education, Schools of the field, abilities, diversities, texts. INTRODUCTION The significant learning and the quality of the education are a commitment of the school that lives in the way them diversities. The Brazilian educational context is market for the cultural diversity and the education in the field is one of these realities where we observe the difficulty of the work with the reading and the writing with these children that possesss different realities of the pupils of the city. With the concern to develop abilities of reading and writing and to give a special assistance to the reality of the education in the field, mainly in the learning of the reading, one searched to develop a work with the multisseriadas classrooms of the city of Manoel Vitorino-BA. The contribution of the research for the formation of the professor is necessary and important, therefore in this way we can had been developed abilities in work in team, where we analyze and we argue the progress of the children how much to the development during the activities of the done project together with professors, beyond observing the failures and successes of the pupils and using and action of the replanejamento in accordance with the necessities of the pupils. For elaboration of this work it forms used to the bibliographical research, descriptive and exploratria, where if it analyzed famous theoreticians, documents that the system of education in the country conducts, with the National Lines of direction For Education in the Field, LBRN 9394/96, the PCNs and stories of the experience of warlike masters who are transforming actors and agents in the practical professor of the agricultural schools. The education is one practical of freedom, being thus in practises of the education in the field is necessary that it is respected the joined diversities and the rhythm of each pupil, therefore each one possesss its particularitity and individuality, beyond the time certain pra to learn. .

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