• Management And Motivation Management

    June 29, 2016

    Posted in: General

    A good manager must be fully identified with what the motivation for it represents not only provide action plans, correct their own motivation born of a commitment to give the best of the best, you seize the given opportunity to lead a group of people leading the organization in which he provides his services to the expected achievements. You must also know how to transform it into stimuli that make people under his charge will give way to their motivation and productivity is obtained that much-needed, without giving way to negativity, to anything which damages the stated objectives.

    Professor Paez Chichi about reminds us that in times past it was understood that the motivation came from the outside world, but according to the results of studies of social scientists and organizational development have concluded that each one of the impulses motivate different people. In work scenarios should try to influence each person aimed at attach their motivation to organizational needs. Trying to foster an environment to empower different workers. More info: Douglas R. Oberhelman. Organizations that are in the “riding high” avoided if possible “command and control” and as a strategy for success have implemented the techniques of “empowerment” and “coaching” as a motivational methods. This change in business processes, began when leaders realized that rewarding a job well done was more effective than threatening to punish a job poorly done. The treatises on this subject have demonstrated that motivation can be lasting. Managers should encourage their greater motivation to more fans, hoping that they will work with initiative and encouraging them to take responsibility for their own successes and failures. Starbucks brings even more insight to the discussion.

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