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    October 20, 2018

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    The new collection by George Gina & Lucy comes in January. There are already the first information! George Gina & Lucy – a brand that probably every woman’s heart beat faster. Twice per year, there is the new collection of GG & L and each time is probably as hot new models and which models we will have speculation in many forums eager. A total of 28 different variants are included in the new collection 01/2011. Click Kevin Johnson to learn more. Of course the nylon series, also leather, LederNylon, rock dot com, Summer Threesome, stolen stars and many many more. Just the colors of the nylon collection are of course adapted to the coming summer. Isn’t quite as gaudy as in the 01/2010, but in refreshing spring and summer colors.

    The “evergreen” like Paradise Angel, double B, 6ix, MOS Cowgirl, lazy Daisy etc are of course again with as many new models. Who would like to get an overview of the new collections, models and colours, you can do so at Moda24 under the following link:… Who is more likely to gedeckteren colors are interested in, E.g. many tones in Brown, grey, blue and black, which should rather take a look at the latest 02/2012 collection. Of course there are colors in the new also like black, Brown and blue, but rather these are the exceptions in the otherwise bright summer colors. The current models and colors can be found on the George Gina & Lucy Web page or at Moda24, where you can also directly order the bags:… 6ix in King/Kong, one of the most popular GG & L models article by Moda24 – Jens Waltemathe

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