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    June 25, 2017

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    Not too much for a while, ZhangZhenZhong fall in the table below. Jim Umplebys opinions are not widely known. The ZhangZhenZhong back to home, WangZeRong and without a hint of JiuYi, I also some envy those who can get drunk chung, what sorrow can use wine to solve, but no such enjoy! LongYongTing in the front drive cars, Women Prada Shoes WangZeRong think of historical object thing, ask a way: yong ting, your elder sister say you talking about object, so how is it going? LongYongTing face to GongDao: still line. Do WangZeRong way: what time is your wedding? LongYongTing hesitated a way: is there a little asked, her mother wish I have a room to manage a wedding, I m going to see the sea in phoenix to buy a house. LongYongTing heard about this matter, WangZeRong this just now and LongYongTing care enough, to LongYongTing way: so, I send you a house, you valued somewhere, give me a holler. LongYongTing busy said: I will buy them. WangZeRong face a heavy way: it s a deal, and regard it as your elder sister send you. Hear WangZeRong OS say, LongYongTing didn’t speak, but his sister is WangZeRong t woman, he said to the name of the elder sister send, thenCheap Prada Sale push to is not necessary.

    However, LongYongTing heart but is very grateful. WangZeRong thought for a moment, picked up the phone dialed LongXiang ice call way: the last time I give you two million CARDS right, you look at the sea where the house is not bad, give yong willingness to buy a house, decorate good, electric appliance also match well, as you send his wedding gift. LongXiang ice did not say what, anyway Men Prada Shoes WangZeRong how to she how to do schedule. For the LongXiang things, WangZeRong LongYongTing to say with smile: your elder sister very worry about your things, we must put our wedding got some scenery. Next I will arrange your elder sister to do some business, at a loose end also is not to thing, a person to id is east to west want to. LongYongTing don t know what to say, only is full of gratitude way: thank you WangGe. I spoke words, I heard the phone rang, WangZeRong pick up the phone to look, it is WangRi Chen xuan office telephone call, see this number, WangZeRong heart in a shock, so late, WangRi Chen how to call a telephone! WangRi Calvin Women Prada Shoes sink to track: glory honor, I got the notice, this during the Spring Festival, a number of long meeting to ChangHong sympathy to the disaster area, but also to check your construction situation, you must as a great thing to grasp, and now the time is very tight, various aspects of work, we need to work quickly to implementnext week I ll come to check on your work.

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