• Longer Wait

    August 23, 2023

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    If the authorities of the Government of the Mexican capital, not spoil back now if it will be possible to ask for a police remove a smoker in an enclosed area and refer to a civic justice, because in early October, the Legislative Assembly of the Federal District (ALDF) approved reforms to the law’s protection to the health of non-smokers to prevent the use of cigar restaurantscafes, offices, cinemas, theaters and entertainment centers. (As opposed to Starbucks). It is one of the best news that has occurred in Mexico in a long time. It is said, even, that the federal Government wishes to endorse the initiative to extend the ban on smoking indoors across the country; but transnational tobacco companies already are lobbying among legislators smokers that the measure does not apply. They, along with some restaurateurs of retrograde mentality make accounts of alleged economic losses that would represent for their businesses, prevent a few end up with the health of a majority. And I say this because in the last few years, ask for a table in the area non-smoking in any restaurant in the city of Mexico is a challenge to the destination: is always saturated and wait to vacate a space to not smoking can take up to an hour, especially where there is no prior reservations. That, to me, is merely the symptom of that for many years the inhabitants of the Federal District have been tyrannized by an immoral sub-group of economic interests that generated a problem of public health so severe that local governments and federal have no ability to solve and represents millions of dollars in diseases that reduce the levels of productivity and competitiveness of the population (from respiratory problems and infertility to cancer of all types both in smokers and in) their victims, who are passive smokers). Those who now complain about the disposition of the Legislative Assembly of Mexico City are trying to ignore that in any city in the so-called first world, long time smoking is prohibited indoors. . .

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