• Logical Point Of View

    June 8, 2021

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    In this case from the logical point of view it’s a judgment of second level or goal statement, i.e. rationalizations about rationalizations of another. It’s a truth of second order. But this same happens within the individual, rationalization is a second truth order. You may find that Sassoon Family Collection can contribute to your knowledge. The rationalization of the experience leaves her empty of content and is replaced by an idea. But this is not new, in another form Russell, Tarski, Bateson have expressed.

    The class is not the individual and treat the individual as if the class or vice versa is a mistake typing faith. And I from this site I am a meta-meta – observer for an observer from another observer. You can not preach about what I say as if it were preaching about what happens to the first experience. This is the raw truth of how human beings treat our experiences. What about the mind? The mind reinforces the mechanisms of self-worth of beliefs. Like everything that happens, happens inside the body, mind collects all that historical cultural background it tries to match the new experience, compares, moulds it, adjusts it, tightening it, it deforms to match like a glove on hand. If the mesh is too forced our interpretation may collide with the facts does not have experience? He makes his own but with less success. Experience not You can go more than the limits imposed by biology, genetics, culture and personal history.

    It only influences to make easier the experiencia-racionalizacion coupling. The mind thus validates how to interpret the experiences, manipulating them so they appear as known or controlled situations. The mind so feeds his ego, i.e. differential identification, its separation from the rest. But experience does not occur only in the mind, but as I have said from the beginning is experienced throughout the body. Mind and body are one unit, however the mind leaves the body and it is constantly in other space time.

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