• Log Houses – A Choice Of Modern Builders

    July 9, 2011

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    Log houses are beginning to gain popularity in Russia. Log houses are easy to use, require no special care, have a pleasant scent of coniferous trees. In the winter home of laminated veneer lumber store heat, a hot summer preserve freshness. This is due to unique properties of coniferous trees. That of them are made laminated board.

    Construction of cottages from normal wood, is delayed due to the fact that it is necessary to wait until the construction of "settle". Log houses do not shrink, which greatly simplifies the process of construction, immediately after the erection of walls – you can safely insert the windows. Log houses do not allow form of mold or fungi in the house. Special processing of wood, provides fire resistance buildings, so you can easily install to put the stove. Modern builders increasingly recommend – at home glued timber. Country cottage, villa or cottage would ideally look like and will last many years. Log houses – a profitable investment. On the strength of such structures do not yield any concrete or masonry.

    This achieved by the technology of timber. During the production of laminated veneer lumber, selected conifer trees (pine or cedar), are manufactured lamella – thin, the same boards that are glued together, forming a sturdy construction. During the gluing fins are positioned so that the direction of the villi was reversed. This procedure is necessary to create a design, it has already provided strength and stability of a building material. Thus, the home of laminated veneer lumber actual choice today. The building is made of natural ecologically clean material, with a high degree of fire resistance and strength of you and your children will feel safe, that provide comfortable accommodation at any time during the year.

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