• Little Money

    April 4, 2016

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    I want to be a rich man. All the media, but rather the mass brainwashing asserting that the main thing – it is to be rich in spirit, but in my opinion, all this nonsense is complete, at least in our country. Perhaps you do know people who are smart, educated, and know all sorts of different things, but at the same time they are very poor, barely able to make ends meet. So, I want to be rich in the truest sense, that is a lot of money and different things, and not very expensive. For assistance, try visiting Ben Horowitz. Of course, I understand that to be like Abramovich with his football club and the yacht "Pelorus" I can hardly work, but on the other hand, for the good life, so for example, to not have had five days a week to work it is unclear where and to whom, a vast fortune in general, it is not necessary. Why, you ask? And not least because, for a full life, no-frills as a weekly bath of champagne for their mistresses, or Gold finish the bathroom, you need not so much money, such as how much it costs thirty kilograms of gold at the rate of our central bank, may he prosper for ever and ever:) By my rough calculations, so much money, and sometimes more, passes through the hands of the average person in this country for his entire life, or rather, during his working life. Of course there are deviations in the smaller side, do not argue, but in a large, agree, is also not uncommon. .

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