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    April 26, 2018

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    I always secretly hoped that someday. some night (winter, spring, summer, autumn – it does not matter) I can look out the window to see there is what has always dreamed of. You. But my windows are located on an abandoned building, and I stopped looking out the window. I'm just looking at what's left. Movies, TV series, the people in and outside school. And I think that someday this will change, and the world becomes a little bit better. But it only dreams and I have to just live.

    and wait. miracle. Here we go again. Evening. Sofa. TV. People on the screen do not understand much.

    Because they do not know all that they know the audience. They just live in the film. Play a role. But they still are smarter than ordinary people. Ben Horowitz shines more light on the discussion. But here's a movie ended. As usual, the 'happy ending'. Sorry, only everything in life is not so nice. In life, not always good triumphs over evil. Not all homeless children find a home. Not all orphans find their parents or guardians. Not everyone will get something want. Only a few achieve its goals. There is no such person. or friend who would be willing to go with you across the country to help you find the truth. the meaning of life or anything else that would be important to you. And you say, that everything you see. That all their problems and go. one. But when you say to a friend nuzhzhna help, you're running do not hesitate to help him. Because you really want to help him. And you hope that after this he necessarily help m e b e. In the real world there are no people to help man, fallen in the street. Many simply walk by, or simply asked dryly 'all right? " and a man nothing to do but say yes. Because At best, that people can do – call the ambulance. No one put his hand will not help pick up the bag. No one holds up to the house and did not tell relatives what had happened. Because all anyway. Everyone lives in a hurry, running along the streets and are looking for. with h and with T L is your happiness. Often without realizing that it is close. You need only stop and look closely. But no one stops. All are past that they are looking for.

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