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    April 15, 2016

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    Fruits and revenues of all species. Movable and livestock. Credits, rights and long term realizable values. When the Administration Learn about the existence of at least one account or deposit opened in an Office of a deposit institution, the seizure of the money will be conducted on all potential debtor’s existing balances in that Office, up to the amount of the debt more urgency surcharge, interest and, where appropriate, produced coasts. In this unfortunate situation, when the Bank receives the order freezes the funds from the accounts where such person record holder, albeit not the only one. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Caterpillar by clicking through.

    In cases where the embargoed recorded as co-holder, the embargo is carried out on its proportionate share of capital; considered that the balance is all equally, but it does not have to be this way. Our savings can be arrested without having us no grudge with the State. As we do face a situation of embargo that us does not correspond? Domain thirdness: the third party proceedings of domino, as its name suggests, it is a legal procedure whereby a third party opposes the seizure of their property; because he is the owner of the goods, and not executed debtor. If we are dealing with this case, we will have to resort to the courts, which protects our rights, and claim. To argue domain thirdness must produce a proof of what they claim to be ours; It is important, for this situation and many others, who provided that we make our money movements let written record of the origin of these funds.

    The domain thirdness may be brought from the Hague seized the good or goods to which it relates, although the embargo is preventive and with the sole purpose of uprising of this embargo. The demand will be rejected by the courts without further the judicial process in the case: a document that demonstrates our property is not furnished. The demand is made after that the good in question (in our case money) has been transmitted to the creditor. If the demand has been rejected another third party proceedings on the same goods will not be allowed if the tests of new property to bring already were available at the time of filing the first. It is important to ensure that we credit everything we can in the time of filing, because we will not have second chances. Where acceptance of the domain thirdness, will suspend the execution of good and later will proceed to resolution that will define the ownership of the asset for the purposes of the implementation of the embargo on course, without that produce effects in relation to the ownership of the good (will remain co-owners in the account who you were before the embargo), and in case that this resolution is positive (positive), the embargo will rise. No reply; If you run the embargo (Hacienda) does not reply to the domain thirdness, means that they admit the facts alleged in the lawsuit. As all processes involving judges and courts, this is expensive and nothing appetizing, but it is good to know that there are measures to remedy any of the possible scenarios.

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