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    December 19, 2012

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    The first of them – the training gives opportunity to understand yourself and how you look in the eyes of others. Many of the previous training received an effective tool for development and business development. Second Opinion – Personal Training efficiency – is a kind of sect, in their networks spanning the gullible and turning them almost into a zombie. I can say that most people hold a second opinion, hearsay familiar with the technique. One of the members of the forum wrote to me that when he saw his friend, excitedly telling about the leadership program, he was surprised such an unusual enthusiasm seemed to be forever tormented man. And then came the thought: "It does not happen. Can not ugryumets in such a short period to become a completely different>>.

    Similar statements were heard more than once. On this occasion, I'll tell you one platitude. The man did not become another. Think of yourself in the day when you were passionate about some book or movie will surprise you. Think of your friends who have returned from vacation, where they were diving or riding in the mountains skiing.

    Is not it the same enthusiasm had been heard in their words? You are not surprised? No? Of course, it's the same usual! As time passes, and LPishnik (PL – Leadership Program, not to be confused with nlp – neuro-linguistic programming), who wants to change his life toward success, with the same enthusiasm will tell you nothing of his new ideas and new achievements. A leadership program will give him the knowledge and tools to move forward. But this is only if he wants to make to this effort – no tools, no knowledge of themselves do not change. From here and another saying that the training of personal growth – is not effective. with whom I know, most of them were more successful than before passage of the training. Although not immediately. As with any knowledge they also require time for reflection.

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