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    June 30, 2021

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    He saw the sea and the desert. Steppes and Plains stretched before his eyes in immense distances. You will weave a bond, fixed and unzerreissbar, between those who go and those who come.” The meaning of this prophecy will slowly recognize OLE. But until then, he bathes in Buttercup fields, costs of the flowers of death and dances with the creatures of the night in their secret realms. Our heroes conjure up a golden shimmer over all paths that go with charm, wit and a heavy dose of poetry. All those who engage in this journey are wrapped in a cloak from star dust.

    They are listening to the scent of the desert in the nose, the singing of the high mountains in the ears and the green of the jungle beneath their feet, the stories, up dip from a crystal ball. It would be nice if you knit up by Gaukel, the Planeswalker and OLE without fear, Viola star seeker and also by me, and on the steps of the Moon!” Karin Schweitzer: you’ve described wonderfully. You will want to read your novel. But who is Kerstin Surra? Kerstin Surra: I’m 39 years old, mother of two young children and live in Cologne, Germany. In the beautiful city, where has always been beautiful stories are told. Books have played have always been important in my life.

    You write and to illustrate very much fun me. Karin Schweitzer: Yes, that you realize if you read your texts. How long do you write it? Kerstin Surra: How long I already write? As long as I can remember. When I couldn’t write I invented the stories in my head and always expanding. Writing learning has kept my head about to burst. Karin Schweitzer: what are you writing? Kerstin Surra: What do I write? I do not want to set me. Currently I am writing children and youth books.

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