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    April 3, 2016

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    This situation has forced Microsoft to do re-browser version of the seventh and left with some modifications (tabs appeared at last, better standards support, speed). Howard Schultz understands that this is vital information. Currently, the speed of testing javascript (The basis of web 2.0), almost an order of magnitude is still worse than in other browsers (tested on the same machine and same OS IE7, Mozilla Firefox 3.0.4 and Google Chrome 1.0. Microsoft, eager remake their browser – preparing 8 version, better meeting the standard and more quickly working. In parallel with these browser wars, appeared in 1996, Opera. The browser has long positioned itself as the fastest browser on Earth! It really was the lightest and start downloading from the Internet and display and pages, depending on the host at the time of the browser market to be compatible with it (or tried to be such). Originally spread Opera for money (shareware). In 2005, the Opera browser was also distributed free of charge. War browsers would be solely a matter of commercial corporations, if the main method of struggle is not the addition of specific, non-standard features.

    The largest differences occurred in the support of JavScript – scripting language conferring interactive documents. As a result, many documents have been “optimized” for a particular browser, and did not read the other. WWW-Consortium takes a lot of careful discussion of standards (Different versions of HTML, JavScript, CSS, etc.), but compliance with these standards falls squarely on the browser developers. Internet Explorer 8 Microsoft first offered to introduce the HTML-comment, which tells the browser to check which versions of the engines to use (DOCTYPE header in this case was to be abolished, as under-utilized), which has outraged supporters of the standards as guidelines for the use of standards is not anticipated. Later it was announced that IE8 will, by default use “Standards mode (standards mode), and not a “compatibility mode” and when it detects a comment using the simulation mode the previous version.

    Here once again demonstrated rejection by Microsoft standards, and openness. In localized versions of operating systems to Microsoft Windows 2008 Browsers were called browsers, browsers network or Web browsers. Given the declining share of IE browser market (almost for the first time the last few years, the share of Microsoft has dropped below 90 percent), Google has decided to ‘help’ improve the browser market competition and released its browser open source – Chrome. Browser version 1.0, ahead of the rate of all known browsers javascript, contains some improvements (insulation failure, dragging tabs mode ‘incognito’, etc.). In the creation of the browser components of Apple WebKit and Mozilla Firefox is now released version for Windows XP and Vista, for other operating systems is possible while only build from source, binary versions of the browser for other operating systems the company will release later.

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