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    May 23, 2014

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    " Meanwhile, the Moscow International Higher Business School MIRBIS, which has over 1,500 students (Except for a small institution of higher education), according to the students, the conditions favorable. "Communication can be maintained with the dean's office directly or through our website mirbislife.ru, – told the students. – It always comes on time all the necessary Information about the study: schedule, mulligans, as the Student Council meetings, and teachers, materials for exam preparation. It also posted the results … sanitary conditions – at the highest level being … active cultural life of the mass of the institute. Often held round table discussions, meetings, inviting important people.

    " But students of another small high school – the Institute of International Trade and Law – reported that they were even help with job placement after graduation. "Referring to personal practice, I can tell you that no one else my appeal was not considered – adds one of the students. – All is solved just once and directly with the dean and rector … Interaction with teachers is always in the form of direct dialogue. " Moreover, all students are small high schools noted for strict control and discipline school attendance. In general, as the results of the survey, while that situation is often better in small high schools.

    For some people this may be the deciding factor when choosing a university. The focus is not clear that is more important for the Russian Ministry of Education – economic considerations create some "Wiki" and yet the interests of the individual. The fact that man has the right to choose, in any university – a large or less – to him to learn, it seems, is not considered. Does not affect whether this habit of our state to solve all the "top", not trusting himself to the population? Meanwhile, young people and their parents themselves are able to weigh the pros and cons training in various institutions of higher education and ultimately make their choice. And because they, as usual, nobody asked … In the end, the controversy is not the so-called "social platform" and in the hallways of high schools and dormitories, but in the pages of the Internet. Position on this issue may be different, but in any case, do not forget what time we live. As the rector of the Izhevsk State Technical University Ivan Abramov: "It is clear that we can talk about some reorganization, where the state's economy stable. But at a time when there is a process of survival (and today, during the period of education reform and the transition to European standards this is true), more than justified the tactics of small Universities as they get closer to the people, closer to their parents. " For example, training in small private universities corny cheaper than at major universities in the commercial department … Hopefully efficiency future reforms in the Russian universities, which should help solve the problem of quality education. Until then, prospective students and parents when choosing a university in the first place should be guided by the opinion of most students of the university, rather than nominal rates of ratings of the Ministry of Education and Science.

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