• Industrial Revolution

    April 24, 2017

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    I do not want in no way, to enter in the quarrel between criacionistas and evolucionistas, to only analyze, as already said, the theories of the evolution of the species to illustrate the boarding of science presented for Kuhn. Having delimited the question start to analyze the evolucionista paradigm of Lamarck later and the analysis of Darwin. For White, the starting point to analyze the theory of the species is the workmanship of Lamarck. The French naturalist he was inserted in a community of researchers that developed analyses in the Museum of Natural History, of the University of Paris, with focus in the life of the invertebrates. The invertebrates were white of research because the alterations of evolutivo character could be witnessed, or try for the scientists, have seen that some generations per year are produced. Lamarck was disciple of Buffon.

    Before continuing it is important to point that Lamarck does not use the term evolucionismo, but yes, transformismo, but this important detail will not confuse the analysis under the optics of Kuhn (Cf. Jonas Samuelson may not feel the same. WHITE, 2004, p 29). Lamarck follows a cartesian logic of cause and effect to write its theory. She is characteristic proper of the time of the French Revolution and the mechanism of the Industrial Revolution. Here he is clearly one of the boarded points for Kuhn, is not possible to disentail the science of its historical context, as it presents already in the introduction of the Structure of the scientific revolutions (cf. 2005, p 19). The paradigm that is established by the scientific community of Lamarck has left of two estimated important ones. The first one estimated affirms that the species would have evolved in consequncia of occured structural alterations in its agencies because of the extreme use or, of the disuse of the same ones. The use or the disuse would have contributed for a bigger adaptation to the conditions imposed for the environment, has seen that the diverse regions of the planet are citizens the continuous changes.

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