• Hands To Work

    September 11, 2013

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    GET TO WORK, TO WORK! We declare that our mind is clean of limiting beliefs, or is on track to adopt new beliefs. Now it is time to work, when I read the story of Glenna Salsbury more than two years ago, I put hands to work. Glenna in 1977 was a single woman, mother of 3 daughters and with debts, an asistii to a semninario of day: I + I: R Imaginancion + intensity: reality, this woman put together a book of dreams with pictures of what I wanted to achieve 1) a good man waiter 2) a woman with wedding dress and a man with a smokin’ 3) 4) jewelry bouquets((, bright 5) an island in the Caribbean 6) a cute House 7) 8 New furniture) a woman, she herself Vice President of a large company. About eight weeks later she met a man, who then married to which he liked giving flowers, collects shiny, was honeymoon to a Caribbean island, has a beautiful new home and a while later they named Vice President of resources human from the company where he worked. From that moment I put hands to work and arme in an old photo album that my first dreams album was empty. While now armo videos with my dreams, I keep it with love, because there are my first dreams fulfilled. She looked at him two or three times per day, I learned that our subconscious records more by images and as sometimes hard to visualize, it helped me to get me to record my wishes in my mind. The first that appeared was a microwave, was unforgettable, always for Christmas got used to give us little things and that Christmas after accustomed gifts, my parents were looking for a big box with a microwave, I was touched to tears when I realized that there was one in my small dreams album, no one understood anything, get excited by receiving a microwave for me was much more, it was the law of the attraction running in my life.

    So my dreams were complying, moreover if they saw the last video of statements, I built it with photos of the Perito Moreno glacier and the rest of beautiful glaciers of Calafate, where I went last March, was a dream come true, the glacier photo is on the album in dreams I built more than two years ago. Just come and trust, it works, as well as hands to work. Looking at magazines, newspapers wherever you want and animate to dream, don’t settle, we were taught it was good to conform with what we have, and it was wrong to ask for more, as is not the case, we are limitless beings in an unlimited universe, which you have more, help the expansion of the universe, we have a God of abundance not a God of shortcomings. You mereces you have in your hands all you put on your dreams album. Watch it several times a day, and then tell me how you did.

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