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    February 24, 2018

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    For some time the Spanish company l. Marquerie Buffalo Hunting CO. He is dedicated to organize hunting expeditions to different areas of the USA such as Colorado, Texas and South Dakota. Look who have mentioned expeditions of hunting and not cazerias and it is because in this type of event cares every last detail because not only is about reaching the destination and to hunt down the workpiece .are 5 unforgettable days in which will assist Indian rituals held by inhabitants of the reserves, will become routes on horsebackfishing, clay shooting silhouettes, you will enjoy picnics, the evening and the life in a cabin in trunks to the purest style mountain man. Bison hunting is done with weapons muzzle-loading carrying people’s support at all times guided by the Manager of the company, Mr. Luis Marquerie that besides being a great connoisseur of this world is journalist and writer having published several works on this theme.

    L. Marquerie Buffalo Hunting CO. is responsible for managing all customer: flights, travel, meals, insurance, licenses, trophy head, etc, etc. At this point worth mentioning that all the dejected Buffalo are carefully selected to obtain a good trophy and also other species in the area are cazaran, shots and fun are guaranteed in an experience that is to remember life. The part of the shotguns of second hand to which more attention given the majority of hunters is the stock, since always we are accustomed to blamed on this our failures and successes in the shooting. On many occasions I heard say that outside for many years my coach of the team of Olympic Skeet, Gaspar Castanon: the stock is that kills. While acknowledging the exaggeration, we must admit that the stock has its importance, but it should not cede the leading role.

    For me the success at the lance is conditioned by a number of factors, among which emphasize mental control when making our shots on the day of hunting or the shooting range. This request was made because great discomfort generated in gunsmiths, hunters, and management by requiring some interventions of arms, to the retail shops of ammunition, carry a registration and identification of non-metallic ammunition acquirers. Some gunsmiths hunting came even to be denounced for not complying with this record. However, at present there no legal basis to require hunting videos to keep a record for each sale to private individuals (non-metallic ammunition) hunting cartridges. In addition, and as already expressed to the Guardia Civil, this does not imply any additional guarantee of security and traceability. It is a useless, sterile workload and which has no additional benefit some.

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