• Group Vaneduc

    August 15, 2013

    Posted in: General

    The idea then is a practical guide to strategic indices that can be seen, quantify and perform on a daily basis so that it is not something metaphorical. Response to investigate is adjusted to availability that owns the company, suppose that a company wants to enter the market of the drinks, but do not have a proper infrastructure or does not have a strong image in the market, would be nonsense that wants to position as a leader or as challenging in the market when you do not have the resources to face that challenge. A company would choose an income of penetration with low prices strategy for joining a niche market and position itself as such, is what made the Group Vaneduc a family company that was in the education market since 1960, its diversification made them extend towards the creation of a University. But how to compete in a market where it is very competitive and is complex to be positioned? The strategy consisted of low prices and good quality education, but his central strategy was a viral word of mouth marketing mix and a penetration of low prices. The recommendations of professors to students and these same others made a strong growth in the University that opened offices in different parts of the country, the growth was profitable so it is I position heavily in its niche thus creating a strong corporate image. The strategies can be kept over a period of time is what is called as linear strategy that will depend on the market where operate, if it is unstable or not, if you have enough appeal to attract investment, the instability that has, the kind of turbulence and the existing competitive force. There are unstable to make that a company can change its strategy, is what is known as an incremental strategy, when a company sees its strategy at risk, or market where it operates becomes unstable, chooses to alter it, and thus becomes a new, transformed and adapted to change strategy.

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