• Golden Ratio

    December 15, 2011

    Posted in: General

    The width of the container can be a variable that it could expand to fill the width of the browser window or remain Fixed that the content of the same width, regardless of the size of the window. Identity block is as important as the content of the region to provide a logo or name, and ideally in their place at the top of each page site. The purpose of the individual unit is to increase the brand. This site also must have a simple navigation system. Shipping items should be placed preferably at the top of the layout. Coordination Center The block should be. It's only a matter of seconds before a visitor comes in, and leave your website.

    Therefore, most often, the content should take precedence over everything else on the site. Footer at the bottom the page and contains important information relating to copyright, contact and legal information. Ideally, the footer should separate the end content in the bottom of the browser to provide users of that they are at the bottom of the page. With a white or empty space on the web site is equally important as graphics and illustrations. White space, which makes the design breathe in that it helps the eye to slide around pages both for balance and unity. A good website must also follow the basic rules of the grid. Grid all proportion.

    Using sophisticated grids always accompanies good graphic design. The concept of separation elements of the composition at different mathematical picture of the same age, as the days of Pythagoras. The Golden Section or Divine scheme was part of what has happened so often in nature, that she was given this name on Pythagoras and his school. Use of this divine relationship of graphic design posits that the overall compositions, which are divided into lines that are proportionate to the golden or divine relations are aesthetically superior. In this sense, it provides a logical part of the divine guidance for the development of models that are visually appealing. If we simplify the Golden Ratio The rule of thirds arrive, which states that the line on which two golden ratio gets divided into two parts, one of which is about twice the size of the other. If we divide our location on the third, we get a simple grid to work in a place where we can express the various elements of our composition. This, in turn, can lead to well-structured web page anatomy.

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