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    July 23, 2016

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    You need someone who talk, someone who can help you to seek answers, to rethink in your past actions or try to direct your future actions towards productive goals and have in mind resorting to tarot or clairvoyance. As a brief introduction, it is necessary to clarify that tarot and clairvoyance are not exactly the same, even though their intentions may combine. Composed of 78 cards (divided into arcane major and minor) tarot has its origins in Europe (France and Germany) in dates close to the 14th century. Basically the technique is to do a print run of a certain number of Tarot cards and analyze the meanings of them linking the order in which they appear with what are you wondering. Responses are born from interaction in the individual meaning of each tarot card set.

    It is relevant to highlight, against popular beliefs, tarot consultation be carried out with the objective of analyzing variables directly related to consciousness and personality of the consultant. Dismissing it as a mere medium of divination of the future. Consultation of tarot should be understood as a means of reaching conclusions about the past and the present, most of the future. In the case of clairvoyance (believe or do not believe in it, your choice), it’s people who have the ability to view images or have forebodings about events both past and future. In these cases, if you can consult about events beyond the individual consultant. The relationship between clairvoyance and tarot is given since many blind rely on the Tarot cards to help and focus the search for such images. Your inquiry, your budget: do tarot free or pay? You can not appear you as reliable, but there is the possibility of consulting the Tarot cards for free.

    How? You will find the answer in websites dedicated to the tarot, such as,,, or, for example. Keep in mind that in these free tarot services responses are generated automatically by computers, and therefore, its analysis is based only in describing a default result based on relationships between previously programmed cards. While it is true that Miss the analysis of a physical person, you can take yourself of that part, reinterpreting the results obtained in relation to which you are referring. In the case go to a tarot of payment service, you can go personally to a psychic or Tarot reader or you can, quietly, go to a resource very much in fashion in Spain: the phone tarot. The main difference will be given by the form of payment, since the telephone tarot consultations typically charge for minutes, while going to see Tarot reader, this will be charged a fixed price determined by the query.

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